GT Ford Performance



Unconfirmed reports from knowledgeable experts place the total production of '67 Falcon GTs at around 100. They were only built in 1967 and few are believed to remain.

Standard items (for a GT) included factory tach -- with the words "Falcon GT" on it, factory duel exhaust, four-barrel carburetor, bucket seats, console, heavy duty suspension, rocker panel moldings, GT emblems, a special grille and seat belts with the Falcon emblem on each buckle... not to mention the 260ci V8.  They even included the 'sidewinder' type stripes, similar to those used on the XRGT, but broken up with a GT badge on the front guards.

Specifications are as follows:

Motor:  260ci V8 with 4 barrel carburettor, producing 195 horsepower;

Transmission:  (Standard) 3 speed, full syncro manual, with floor shift.  (Optional) 4 speed manual, or 3 speed automatic.

Diff:  3.54:1

One, known to still exist is a near mint, 1967 Falcon GT in red, with parchment interior. Options on this car include power disc brakes, power steering, radio, two-speed wipers, courtesy lights, vinyl top, etc. The car also came with a four-speed transmission and the rear end is stock (again, for a GT) 3.54:1 and the original mileage is 20,000. (This was in 1997)

The following are pages from the 1967 Mexican Falcon brochure and include specific details and picture of the Falcon GT for this year.  Hope your Spanish is good!!!  :-)