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Adds From Those Groovy 70's !

All these adds were from Australian Motoring Magazines of the 70's

Be Cool at the Beach in your - Speedos

Get your carby tuned by - Johnny

These are the makers of your Glass - Pilkington

Nubile Girls - Oh Yeah  - Man 

It was a Good Year - G800

Smoke on the Water - Fire in the Sky

Ray Ban , Oakley, Bolle , No way ! - Be Cool  - Sunaroids

Lets Fry Those - Aquajets

For those who couldn't afford a Real one - Sterling GT

You might not have need one then - But what about Now ! - Pick Up with Lord Jim

Quality Autolite parts with a New Name - Motorcraft ( Gotta Love Those Socks )

It really was a Good Year - Let em Hang Loose and Free

Aussie Made Tough - This Could Be You

Direct From Detroit - Traction Plus

Be a Le Mans Winner for only - $6.80

Seriously LSD Induced - Gear

Thou Shalt Drag - Big Daddy

Hey Babe , Suck on my - Melon

GT For Sale $33,000 - I'll Take Two

Lookin' & Feelin' Groovy - Lord Jamie

When Only the Best Will Do - Champions Choice

Shift Your Brain - The GT Zone

Go Ahead , Make My Day - Park Your Arse on My Magnum

The Good Ol' Days - Welcome To Australia

After a Hard Night on the Weed - Nothin' Beats a Good - Suck on a Straw

For That Free and Easy Ride - Wrangle This

Merry Christmas - Horny People

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