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What Do All Those Numbers Mean On My Chassis ?? The Wizard of ID KNOWS ALL
What Do All The Numbers Mean On Those Ford Spare Parts ?? The Code Breaker 
What's the difference between the XYGT and the XYGTHO ? Find out now !
What Do All Those Other Numbers Mean On My I.D. Plate ?? ADR Regs 
What Do All Those Numbers Mean On My Toploader I.D. Tag
What's That Written on the Side of My - Tyres
How many did they really make ? - Find Out
Learn About Identifying Spark Plugs
Learn About Identifying Fanbelts


If FORD Can Do It - Why Not You. Original Ford Mock Up !!!
Join the SUPEROO Brigade
The One They Show NEVER Gets a Go - Shafted Again - SUPERBIRD
The Ultimate Woody -  Surferoo Van
GROOVY 70's - Adds
Woman Guide to - Car Trouble
Couple of Moffat/Autolite/Motorcraft Pro-mo giveaways to Look at.
Check Out These 1969 Wonder Parts From Ford.
HO Down the Hume LETS DRIVE
Death of the Supercars 1 - Starts Here !
Death of the Supercars 2 - Blow Up !
Take a Ride In the Supercharged XB with - Mad Max
Aussie Coupes in the Good Ol Land Of Auz
Once upon a time there was a race car driver - Moffat The Legend.
What about early South American Falcons -
Lots of early Racing Pics you can see and purchase -



There's a whole other world of pleasure out there - Fairlane

Car Clubs

Car Clubs of Australia
Falcons in the UK -

Falcon GT 
Car Clubs
The Original Falcon GT Car Club of        Australia - Victoria
The Newer Falcon GT Car Club in        Victoria
The Falcon GT Car Club of        Canberra
Falcon GT Car Club in        Western Australia
Falcon GT Car Club in       South Australia
Falcon GT Car Club in                  Queensland
Falcon GT Car Club in         New South Wales
Falcon GT Car Club in             Newcastle - Facebook
Falcon GT Car Club in                    Hunter Valley
Falcon GT Club Inc                NSW





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