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1970 - 71 XYGT FALCON



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Christmas has come early this year - The XY Brochure

XYGT - Original - 13 Engine Bay Pics 

Glovebox Owners Manual , Maintenance Schedule + Service Manual.



Get the Specs

Dealer Package for 1970 NEW FALCON . You'll Like It.

What did they really cost ? 1971 Dealer Pricebook.

What's the difference between the XYGT and the XYGTHO ? Find out now !

Enhance the look of your New Falcon with these 'Way Out' Accessories

Some Adds Featuring The XYGT - Thrill Me

XY Fairmont Add - A Beautiful Temptation

The Biggest Stick - Phase III

XYGT Automatic - Road Test - Modern Motor

South African FairmontGT Owners Manual - Van Suid - Afrika - Get It  Now

South African FairmontGT Service Manual - Can you read Afrikaan - Time to Learn


Want a Nice desktop wallpaper pic for your computer ? - My GTHO


Lots  More Stuff  - Here

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